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Όροι και Κανονισμοί

Lessor and the undersigned called the Hirer hereby agree and mutually accept the following.

  1. 1. Lessors hereby rent to Hirer the vehicle specifically described  overleaf, which the latter has carefully examined and found in excellent mechanical condition and with all accessories and Hirer is responsible to return it in exactly the same condition.

  2. 2. All vehicles are covered with basic Third party Liability insurance as required by the Greek law.
    The Hirer is responsible:
    a) For any damage caused to the vehicle force major included.
    b) And shall pay any fines for traffic violations as well as idle time due to removal of plates.

  3. 3. Car rental is allowed to people who are older than 21 years old and obtain a driving license. The driving license should at least be issued a year ago (12 months).

  4. 4. The use of the vehicle is forbidden on a non paved road or graded road. In any other case the lessor has the legal right to press extra charges for any damage caused.

  5. 5. The Hirer must:
    a) In case of damage or accident, immediately inform the Lessors and the competent authorities if required.
    b) In case of an accident cooperate with the Lessors and the Insurance Company by providing names of witnesses and useful information.

  6. 6. The Hirer must return the vehicle on the agreed date as otherwise they aree liable to illegal possession.

  7. 7. The use of the vehicle is forbidden:
    a) By any third person without first obtaining owner’s consent.
    b) To carry persons or property for hire.
    c) For any illegal purpose or commission of a crime.
    d) To travel out of Santorini, unless otherwise herein stipulated.
    e) While under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants like drugs or narcotics.

  8. 8. Fuel to be paid by the Hirer.

  9. 9. The Lessors reserves the right to change the type of vehicle under special circumstances .

  10. 10.The hirer can reduce the amount of money they must pay in case of an accident if they have accepted to pay for the C.D.W. service. C.D.W. is not an insurance it is an optional service  which relieves them of some responsibility for damage to the rental vehicle, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement. If C.D.W. is declined the renter will be responsible for the full value of the vehicle.