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Driving Safely in Santorini Greece

Best way to drive in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most attractive places for tourists worldwide. Breathtaking volcanic view, black sand beaches and local wineries, the UNESCO heritage villages of Oia and Finikia, the medieval village of Pyrgos, the ruins of Ancient Thira on the highest spot of the island, the excavations of Akrotiri and the traditional fish taverns in Amoudi Bay are some of the things that visitors can do during their staying in the island. In order to enjoy and discover all the treasures of Santorini, for your own safety, you are kindly recommended to pay attention to the following safety rules, while driving in Santorini.

Tips for safety driving in the island
Driving Safely in Santorini

As soon as you arrive in Santorini you will notice that most of the roads are very narrow. They are narrow because they used to be donkey paths inside and outside every traditional village.

Every season a number of serious accidents taking place on our island, because of the structure of the roads and the excessive driving confidence of some local people. Pay attention to some elementary driving rules to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

  • Fasten your seatbelt. It is absolutely necessary to do that even if you will be in the car for 5’.
  • Big trucks and buses are driving in the middle of the road because the roads are narrow, so you will have to be extra careful when you have a big truck from the other direction.
  • Do not overestimate your drinking skill
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol can be fatal and it is against the Greek law.
  • If you feel dizzy or drunk it is better to let someone else drive the way back or take a taxi.
  • Alcotests & police blocks are common practice especially on Saturday nights during high season.
  • The speed limit is rarely above 60 miles per hour, you do not need to run fast. You are in vacation. Relax and enjoy them.
  • Do not overtake another vehicle if you are not 100% confident for your action.
  • Use the gas pedal and the break wisely.
  • Do not forget to use your mirrors the whole time
  • Do not hesitate to use your horn where applicable.
  • In most of the European cities there is a rule that pedestrians have priority when crossing at a designated zebra. It is not the same in Santorini.